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Thread: Cutting Titanium

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    Cutting Titanium

    I want to cut my titanium backrest posts a bit shorter ... about 5cms or thereabouts.

    Anybody have any idea how difficult or easy it is to cut thru titanium tubing?

    I dont want to order lower premade backposts cause my ideal height is right on the cusp moving from one size to the next.

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    there is more info other than this as far as how to go about cutting titanium.

    Difficulties in cutting titanium and the high-nickel-content INCONEL and Hastelloy alloys usually result from using an excessive surface speed. These alloys have very low thermal conductivity; reducing the cutting speed prevents excessive heat buildup at the tool bit. Titanium adds a further complication in that it has a tendency to work-harden. Letting a tool bit rub the surface, rather than cut it, work-hardens the surface. Even one or two revolutions of the tool bit around the tube without cutting a chip creates a hardened surface that is much more difficult to machine than the base material.

    For titanium and high-nickel-content alloys, the surface speed should be less than 75 surface inches per minute (SIM), and 50 SIM is better for some chemically pure titanium. At 50 SIM on 1/4-in. tube, the cutting head speed is only 64 revolutions per minute (RPM); one revolution takes just less than one second.

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    Phil, I am a machinist and we work with titanium sometimes. I have never encountered difficulty cutting it.

    Perhaps a good strong hacksaw blade? :&gt

    Russ Byrd

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    A hacksaw will be harder to use and probably make a mess, use a tube cutter like this one.

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    plasma torch

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    Originally posted by DEVOHUNTER:

    plasma torch
    LOL..Thats the first thing i thought of when i read it..but i would think any good quality pipe cutter could do the job..

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    Oh, I forgot this is tubing and not solid..yes a tube cutter and will be a much more uniform cut. I am amazed at the light weight qualities of this material..I can pick up what looks like a very heavy piece of it at work with almost no effort.

    Russ Byrd

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    id cut it slowly with a chop saw

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    I've never heard of cutting Ti with a pipe cutter. It'll take you along time as Ti is as tough or tougher than the Hardened steel cutting wheel.

    Ti is a wonder metal all the strengh, and ducillity, but 1/3rd the weight. However much more difficult to produce and machine.

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    do you have strong teeth?

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