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    Hand therapy

    SCI-Nurses post in the Murderball thread about finger spreading being a T1 innervation got me wondering as I can spread the fingers in my left hand yet can only move the lower halves of my fingers (ie. have the clawed hands but can grasp strongly) except for my thumb and pinky. Is it possible my hand could function even better, like at T1 level, if I had hand therapy/rehab? My aunt whoes a physio suggested doing FES to my hands in case the muscles are not strong enough. Where would I go to see if hand rehab would be helpfull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emi2
    Where would I go to see if hand rehab would be helpfull?
    Don't think you'll know until you try it. Find a local OT.
    C5 injury with partial C6 function on left.

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    It is possible this would be helpful for you. See an OT who specializes in hand therapy. Not all OTs have this subspecialty. A local hand surgeon would know the best ones.


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    Thanks, I'll ask my OTto reccomend someone.

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