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Thread: Cerebrolysin, could it be the answer?

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    Has anyone ordered Cerebrolysin from the company to the United States? Is it legal to do so? Any advice on how to go about it?
    Thank you.

    I believe that cerebrolysin has been approved for Alzheimer's disease in Europe and South America. From the viewpoint of the FDA, it falls into the category of drugs that have been approved in countries outside of the USA (Source). I just did a search and found the drug for sale at $100 for 10 ml, available over internet. In general, the FDA does not regulate what doctors do but they do regulate what drug companies claim about drugs that they sell. I believe that a doctor can legally prescribe a drug from overseas. Of course the doctor is liable. An alternative approach is for a doctor to apply to the FDA for a compassionate use IND, arguing that this drug does something that no other drug approved by the FDA does, and get permission from the FDA to prescribe the drug to patients. The patients can pay for the drug.


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    Thank you so much for replying Dr.Young.
    I found one doctor in Ohio who does this treatment.
    I live in Michigan and haven't been able to find one in my area, but Ohio isn't that far away.
    Again, thank you very much Dr.Young.
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    Dr.Young, do you know anything about some problems they had with safety or side effects with Cerebrolysin in Japan? I learned this from another individual, but couldn't find anything specific when I tried an internet search about it. Based on what I heard, it used to be used in Japan but is now "delisted."

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    In depth article by wise young
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