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Thread: Cerebrolysin, could it be the answer?

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    Question Cerebrolysin, could it be the answer?

    "Cerebrolysin is a peptide preparation with neurotrophic and neuroprotective activity. Clinical trials have demonstrated positive effects in patients with stroke and dementia, in particular Alzheimer┬┤s disease, and brain injury. Clinical trial data together with experience from many years of clinical use demonstrate excellent tolerability and safety of Cerebrolysin.
    Neurotrophic factors are essential for the survival and growth of neurons"

    Could this medication be helpful for regeneration of spinal cord neurons in SCI?

    That's a question that needs answering from our elite doctor Wise Young.

    This product is available from Ebewe pharma and available throughout Europe and the Middleast and from my experience with stroke patients in Egypt it is a great drug with proven efficacy.

    The link to the company is

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    Thanks. I contacted this company for more information.
    Their site provided quite a bit..but asked about PPS.

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    Sorry, but what u mean with PPS!

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    Is it injected or administered intra-venously?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drnader
    Sorry, but what u mean with PPS!
    Post polio syndrome.
    Waiting for an answer to my request for information.
    Life isn't about getting thru the storm but learning to dance in the rain.

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    Has anyone ordered Cerebrolysin from the company to the United States? Is it legal to do so? Any advice on how to go about it?
    Thank you.

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