Hi, my wife had a Spinal nerve block about two months ago....it was a godsend! After almost a year of unnessary unrelated surgeries for false UTI's it was a miracle. Yesterday the shot wore off...a nightmare, ALL of the phycisians that performed the 1st block were on vacation....we were told to come to the vacationing docs office anyway....got there with my wife screaming in pain and throwing up bile, and waited for an our in the hallway to see the doc's "nurse", got back there and she asked my spouce if she was in pain?! Well they couldn't help...wouldn't help, so we went straight to the ER, waited another hour on the floor of the ER, and finnaly got a bed, then waited another 30min for a shot of Delodin(spelling), ER doc thought they could schedule block that night.....waited all night...zilch, finnaly got the new block at 1:00pm the next day. All that BS for pain releif! Well we are thinking the pain in the rear nerve should be cut/ablazed whatever (it apparently doesn't affect anything vital since we went 2 months with the temp block) So any thoughts??