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Thread: Bowel Program over active

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    Bowel Program over active

    An other question about BMs. I have a C6 complete, 2years 4mo post injury. I. do a morning program first after trasfering from bed to the commode chair. My problem is after having a fairly normal BM then soft stool moves down. When this moves down we dill enough to clear this out. A normal program for me last 30 to 45 min. Then after a program like this I have nothing for 2or 3 days. It has been happening off and on for 3 months. I don't use softeners or magic bullit. I was eating about 5 prunes a day, and have taped off these too. After a week I still had the same problem yesterday. It seems like I may pushng it down to soon. An other symptom is when using a standing frame in the evning I might pass mucus. This usually will happen on the same day as the soft program. What should I do?


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    Bowel program

    Randy, this actually sounds pretty normal for a lot of people. You say you don't use a Magic Bullet. Do you use any suppository (Therevac, generic bisacody, glycerine)??

    I would recommend getting rid of the prunes as this is a fairly large amount of regular stimulate which should not be used regularly long term.

    You probably will do just find on an every other or even every 3rd bowel program. There is no need to attempt bowel care daily unless you are having accidents on a program that is less frequent.

    The mucous accident is commonly a sign that you are overly stimulated, either with your suppository or too much dig stim.


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    I did an every other routine for years and now do every day. I eat a modest diet and am amazed at how much comes out in just 24 hrs. For me, doing it every other day I think led to increased spasticity (from sitting on a full bowel), hemhorroids (from difficulty getting it out) and possibly too much pressure on my bladder (colon is right below it and bowel spasm often triggers bladder spasm). I feel better when my bowel is empty and it's good not to retain the toxins and waste products any longer than necessary.

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    Bowel care frequency

    The frequency is an individual thing. Most people with reflex bowels do fine with every other day. Most people with areflexive bowels need to do every day. Everyone needs to find their own best pattern.

    Also there is no scientific basis for fearing that you will absorb toxins from your stool if you do not evacuated every day. This is pretty much an old wives (mothers?) tale. About the only thing absorbed from your lower intestines is H20.


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