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Thread: Weather change or an owie owie?

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    Weather change or an owie owie?

    My back below my level is killing me. I have a high tolerance for pain and this is coming close to making me cry. It feels like my spine is "frozen"; although I can move freely. Moving doesn't seem to make it better or worse. My legs and hands seem to be very tight too.

    It's pouring here. I have found rain makes my spasticity increase.

    Can one have a spasm in the back that just stays? I have the ones that toss me forward/backward on an occassion; however, this "pain" appears to be different.

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    Red face Frozen Spine Feeling

    Wow, thats weird... i havew made several posts about the same feeling?? It is like a perment spasm or contraction that stays for a vey long time, hours qand hours sometimes. It feels like I am rusted or frozen stiff right directly at my level of injury (in my case T-12). It is a very strange and awful feeling. It would be intersting for you to read my posts on this. I actually asked Doc Wise if I had a syndrom called "stiff mans syndrom".... he said no, just weird spasms or muscle contractions. I am sorry you have this feeling... not fun is it!!!! ALong with my other pain... makes for a tough go, sometimes. But I really charish the days or hours where I feel really good. They are far to infrequent however. Let me know if you have any more questions about our back weirdness. I wonder how many others have this sensation? Mikey
    Mike (Florida)

    Cant we get 1 do over?

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    When you have someone feel this area, does it actually feel like a muscle in constant spasm or contraction? If so, this may be something that should be looked at by a therapist who is skilled in trigger point massage.

    If not, this may be a form of neuropathic pain for you, and may respond to therapies used for neuropathic pain (ie, medications, TENS, acupuncture, etc.)


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    I had someone look at my back. "Any bones popping out?"
    "No, your back is fine".

    It's a continual spasm I have decided in my limited medical degree.

    Last night it "broke". I was literally lifted from my mattress in an upward movement in my torso area.

    Sun is shining today and the pain is almost naught.

    "SCI, the gift that keeps giving"-Star


    It's killing me again. This time it's spreading to my tailbone and I have the on fire thing.
    It'll pass..........thanks.
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    It's back, for the last week. Now we've had excessive heat so I am thinking weather related again. This time I'm baffled and crying.

    I'm venting as few understand. Thanks.

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    Liz - I have the tailbone pain and get stiff - like catatonic! - sometimes (not that bad ^.^, but feels like it). Can you take a small amout of valium to help you relax but not make you tired? It helps for me, sometimes. Other times, like if you are crying, can you get into bed and rest? Feel better soon


    Another thought: Do you have a UTI or bad menstrual cramps? That's usually what triggers my spasms. Can you can your DR and have them call in pain medication to take when the pain gets too bad?
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    Thanks A.

    It's higher than my tail bone. The pain runs horizontally across my lower back. I get cramps, but it isn't time and they center around my abdomen. I lick a valium and I am out for three days. It feels like someone has skewered me with a bamboo pole.

    Again, I can lean forward in the chair holding on with my wrist flexors in the back breaking up some spasticity. Rubbing the area does not make it better or worse.

    I have to wait for my PCA to get supine. As soon as she arrives I plan to go to bed, even though it doesn't seem to alleviate the pain either.

    Some days suck more than others I guess.
    I have some Flexor from my shoulder pain.maybe I'll take one of those. Maybe it's gas....who knows....

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    Do you have your appendix? Or, vomiting, etc? Seems strange, as though something more is going on. But, I am no doctor. If your chair has sturdy armrests, maybe try this: push both elbows down in order to lift your butt off the seat cushion. If your balance is so-so, do it in front of your desk or a table. It may help relieve the pressure for a minute or two. What about a mild painreliever like Tylenol 3? It makes me sick, but helps others. Or, hydrocodone? I avoid this like it's poison except in moments like you are describing. It loosens my muscles and helps me relax. It might make you very sleepy. Well, good luck. It really sucks.


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    Hey Liz
    I had the same problem. Hurt like hell, and I too have a high threshold. Anyway, after a month or two of complete hell, I got xrayed and they found a newly fractured L4.

    You might see if you've also had a new spinal fracture. Mine is below my level also.
    Good luck, the pain is intense in that area. It put me down and out for awhile.
    I hope you feel better.


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    I have the tight-feeling upper back (lower back not nearly as bad) and bones popping out sensation 24/7, and nothing has ever helped it.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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