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Thread: Good Wheelchair Vehicle Picture

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    Good Wheelchair Vehicle Picture

    This is a Picture of my 2004 Chevy Colorado showing how great the Wheelchair Access is on this Vehicle. It is practically a level transfer and the wheelchair can be put behind either seat using the reverse opening doors.

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    Great pic Curt. Any idea of the actual transfer height? Are you using a folding or rigid chair?

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    Hi Scott

    The height is 26", about an inch higher than the cushion of my W/C. To get this height you have to get the truck with the ZQ8 Sport Suspension which is only available with 2wd. It sucks in the snow, but handles like a sports car on dry pavement. In the Winter, I drive my Cadillac Coupe deville which has front wheel drive and goes through anything. Heres another pic of the truck, it is a good looking truck, plus it is great being able to put my handcycle in the back. I use to have a GMC Sonoma 4wd, this truck is so much better.

    I use a Folding Quickie IIhp, I am in the truck with the wheelchair in about 30 seconds, no wheel removal. With a non folding chair it might kinda hard getting the chair in the back as it is kind of narrow.
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    I wonder if they could set one of them up so it could drive it while your sitting in your chair?

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    Probablly not.... unless your real shorts. Most vehicles don't have the required headroom foor use and the chair

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    I kind a figured that. It's got to be a van or nothing at all.

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    Will mrbreeze thats not necesarily so..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun
    Will mrbreeze thats not necesarily so..
    Wow! Very cool
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