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Thread: Eureka! offers wheelchair accessible camping tent

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo
    I am going camping next month and had some questions. Ok i have googled these forums and the internet and tried looking to see options for a wheelchair accessible tent...anyone have any other suggestions or models of tents that work for them besides this Eureka tent? I think the vestibule area on the freedom tent is cool and could come in handy. I plan on buying an air mattress that sits about as high as my chair. Any other suggestions for Rustic camping? BTW I am a T5 level and wont need to do any bowel care or anything bc I am camping close enough to home where i could go home for a morning and get that done.
    Depends on your definition of accessible. I have a basic Coleman six-person tent. I don't stake it down tightly in the front - I leave enough "give" so I can fold down the bottom part of the door and roll right in. It's big enough to stack two air mattresses on top of one another, stash the chair in a corner, etc. It helped to go to a store and look closely at the floor models. I think the Eureka tent is WAY overpriced for what you get.

    I'd recommend a battery-powered lantern with a remote control. Yeah, not so rustic. But the remote comes in handy when you, um, forget to put the lantern close to you at night. I also really like my headlamp. It's great for evening walks and you can roll without having to tote a lantern. (Yeah, I look like a dork.)

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    Ocean State Job Lot has a high queen (21 inch) for $50. I haven't been camping since I got hurt. I think with the high mattress our tent would work if we didnt stake it tight. If the door was left a littly "floppy" I could roll in. Hmmmm.
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