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Thread: I got my drivers license today

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    Smile I got my drivers license today

    I am the proud owner of a valid Indiana drivers license. I didn't take any drivers training like everybody around me said I had to. I just made the appointment and used a friends jeep cheroke with hand controls. I think I was as nervous as I was when I was 16. Afterwards Everything was back to normal. Now the task at hand is to get a van. One step down on the way back to total independence.

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    Congratulations!!! I have no doubt,you will enjoy the freedom once you get your own vehicle. I too was extremely nervous almost as bad as I was when I was 16. When I was 16, it had just started to snow and I was the last person they were going to let takeout for the test. I guess it should have been a sign I was going to have some sort of massive accident driving, the day I got my license, we had a massive blizzard and didn't go to school for two weeks.
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    Hey,right on man! Congratulations...

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    Thumbs up Hey Congrat's Joe

    From one Indiana driver to another, you'll do just fine. Just like riding a bicycle.

    I recall my courtesy drive to get my "affadavit" from the DMV stating I was fit do operate a moving vehicle. Instructor took me through Carmel's downtown and back streets, then onto 465...he wrote "very qualified"....said I was a
    typical woman, talked the whole time... I was so Proud!


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    I finally started driving again recently and it is quite liberating. I got tired of having to ask someone to take me to town or bring home bread and milk for me.

    Granted I don't drive far, but I still drive. I won't drive more than 5-8 miles from my house.

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    great man, welcome to your new life. like you i didnt have any additional drivers training either, here in ohio. actually i dont know any crips that had additional training, we were all told by our pt's that we needed it to test, but of course we didnt do it. never a question at the bmv either, go figure.

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    Hey, congratulations jOE...did I spell that right? Do you have any road-trip plans or are you just gonna wait on the van?
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    Thumbs up

    All Right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I was looking at the restrictions and noticed that I have have glasses, hand controls, a spinner knob, and an automatic transmition. Here's the kicker...I still have my motorcycle endorsment. hahahaha Now if I can only find a motocycle with all of that I will be set. I did think that maybe a trike would be cool to have.

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    congrats jOE. You are lucky man. I am waiting for my appt with the OT for driver evaluation n training. Hope to get it sooon and get behind the wheel. I cant imagine i have to shell out $$$ to learn driving

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