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Thread: Applying for retirement due to SCI

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    Applying for retirement due to SCI


    I'm in the process of applying to be medically boarded from work, i.e. retirement due to my SCI and all it's associated health problems. This is a major life changing event and i was just wondering how others here were/are being affected by the same experience?



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    i love it.
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    It turned me into a "house-husband" and "honey-do master" (wife still works). As long as I have the laundry done, clean the house, go shopping and have dinner ready when she gets home I have all the free time in the world!!! "Oh...when you're out today, don't forget to drop off and pick up the dry cleaning, mail these boxes at the post office and could you just get me a box of tampons at the drug store too?"....

    Fuck it...think I'll just go fishing today

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    LOL @ Kap.

    a friend of mine has found that he has less time since retirement. He goes constantly. For me, I dunno... I actually enjoy working, it gives me a reason to get out of the house. I have been laid off for the last 3 years and it's making me itchy and anxious.

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