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Thread: It has been confirmed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenfr
    I am pregnant!! Still worried about the hip and pelvic thing..My general dr. said that a problem it might give me is arthritic pain, but as long as it doesnt hurt the baby im fine!
    Mazel Tov and good luck to you!!
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    Great to hear! I hope your child ends up being a GIRL!

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    Hello all. Its been awhile since ive been on here! I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and things are going well! I am scheduled for a c section on march 1st! Along with my spinal cord injury I have a hip and pelvic fracture and the fractures are starting to be a bother. The inside of my left leg is reallly sore now, most likely due to my baby getting bigger and its making it veryy dificult to walk with my walker! I cant believe my baby is almost here! i am soo excited!

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    congrats jen!! almost there

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