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Thread: Temperature and Blood Pressure

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    Temperature and Blood Pressure

    Is there any correlation between temp and blood pressure?

    Its now midwinter here and every morning, straight after I get up and head for the shower, I get really dizzy. I heat my bedroom and sleep under a thick duvet, so maybe I get overheated? (I know I'm a wuss but I hate winter even the mild temps here in SA ) In summer, its fine, I get up and shower no problem.

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    Hi Phil,
    Well, I'm probably completely off the mark, but if you use a heater which burns any type of fuel I hope you get it regularly serviced (every year), as if not, you could have problems with carbon monoxide. This can produce dizziness, light-headedness, headaches, nausea etc, amongst many other symptoms. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, but can be fatal.
    I know all this because I was poisoned myself about 4 years ago. I survived (just), but am now left with constant fatigue, a near constant headache, memory problems and other crap.
    People usually have problems in the winter (because heating is used more then), and feel better in the summer.
    Just something to consider...


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    Hi Phil,

    Sorry in the delay getting back to you.
    There really is no direct correlation that I know of. It depends on what is the cause of the temperature change or low blood pressure. Some causes are dehydration, infection, sepsis, anemia, etc.

    For example, I've seen people when they have a blood stream infection have low blood pressure and a high temperature. Alternatively, I've seen them have an elevated temperature and low blood pressure.

    Some low blood pressure is common and thermoregulation is very often impaired, especially in quads.


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    I would just add a thought. It may be that you keep yourself better hydrated in the summer when it is warm. Often being more dizzy in the AM is due to dehydration. Try drinking 8-12 oz. of fluid about 1/2 hour before getting out of bed and see if this does not help.


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