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Thread: Pressure sore?

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    Pressure sore?

    I was in the hospital with pneumonia in the first two weeks of June. I lost about 10 pounds and had no appetite. When I got home, I had an old pressure sore which had popped open before the pneumonia so I stayed in bed to make sure it closed. I also had a red spot on my sacral which seemed aggravated as well so we were trying to stay off it. The old pressure sore healed up and has closed and looks fine. The one on my sacral has gotten worse but hasn't opened. It is trying to heal around the edges, but has dark black and green tissue underneath in the center. My question is, is there a possibility that it will open up and the dead tissue will surface? Or will it most likely need surgery to de-breed?

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    Unfortunately if it is purple/black/dark green it is very likely that this wound will slough off this dead tissue and you will have a fairly deep pressure ulcer. You need to stay off it completely right now and hope that this does not happen. There is nothing you can put on the surface that will make a difference at this point.

    It is a crime the way so many pressure ulcers are allowed to develop in critical care areas of the hospital. I encourage people to file complaints and even see an attorney for malpractice if this occurs. It is substandard care, which will only change if people complain and hold hospitals and nurses responsible. Everyone with SCI should insist on being on a low-air-loss bed and turned religiously when they are in the ICU. Be sure your family knows this too so they can advocate for you if you cannot for yourself.

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    A Shame

    Carl, it's a real shame this has happened. It also happened to me with my heels and elbows in 1977. Like the SCI Nurse said, you have to insist on the proper bedding, nutrition and care. These jokers in the hospitals don't know how to wash their hands properly never mind take care of a SCI person. Be a pain in the ass if you have to get results. The stakes are too high for you and the hospital staff is often overworked, underpaid, uneducated and don't really care.....and I'm talking about hospitals affiliated with prestigious universities in major metropolitan areas. Take care.

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