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Thread: And so CC begins a new....What do we think?

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    looks great so far so good

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    Thumbs up

    so far the transition has been incredibly smooth, and surfing around inside the site is easy and user-friendly.
    the new forums look great (i love the new smilies lol)
    you did a great job.

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    I think the new boards are much better.
    It was annoying having to read posts backwards!
    I love all the extras, too, except I can't work out the smilies.

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    Avatar? What is it?

    Is the Avatar that little picture thing that some of the people have under their name, like the little creatures that are kind of animated?

    Oh, why is it some people have the smilies in the text and others have a link? I am sorry if I sound a little "dumb" but cmputerwise, I am not your local expert for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emi2
    I think I like it better - especially since new posts now works! And I like this text box better. Can't seem to put up my avatar though...
    Emi, if you are using Safari on Mac, it doesn't upload files to the site. This was also true for Infopop. I would suggest firefox or mozilla browser for this purpose. Safari also will show the vBChat in two windows instead of one. Otherwise, it works on this site.


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    Nope using IE on a regular computer.

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    No more reading backwards!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    Emi, if you are using Safari on Mac, it doesn't upload files to the site. This was also true for Infopop. Wise.
    I wonder if it depends on version of safari? I am on a Mac, Tiger, Safari and mine uploaded just fine. haven't tried chat yet tho.

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    I love it. Same software used on my reading-books forum site.

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    much better rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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