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Thread: standing frame to computer access

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    standing frame to computer access

    I know... 2 threads right after one another... lol.


    I was considering setting up my standingframe in front of a high desk so I could be standing while I'm on the net.

    Of course, I think I'm genius, but I'm sure there might be some negatives when I do this...

    can you think of any?
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    I have an EasyStand 5000 with a tray and I use my laptop (wireless NIC) whilst I stand.

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    why not, do it rep
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    They make standing desk, but if you already own a regular desk there are add on's you can buy or built to use it as a "standing desk". I would suggest you take a look at the desks on the Levenger website at . They have all types of desk there, including standing desks and units that you can put on top of a regular desk to convert it to a standing desk. This way you get the benefit of both without having to find room to 2 desks. Feisty, if you are handy with basic tools you should be able to build your own desk, or desk topper, but if you want to buy one I highly reccommend Levengers. I've been doing business with them for years. BTW, if you have a desk that's now to low for your knees to roll under buy a set of bed/furniture risers. The 3 inch high ones usually do the trick, I also used a set to raise the hight of my dinning room table.
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    I have my standing frame up to my desk/computer and stand when I'm on the internet, working on school work on the computer, and e tc... I have the easy stand 5000 with the desk/table option and the mobility option. My computer is a desktop computer so I just turn the monitor up (that sits on a regular desk) and I lay the keyboard on my standing frame desk/table. It works out really well and time passes really fast as I stand and work on the computer.

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