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Thread: And so CC begins a new....What do we think?

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    Thumbs up And so CC begins a new....What do we think?

    I love it!

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    Trying out the new site!

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    This is the format (vbulletin) I have been using on an automtive website for some time. Whereas some may not like it since they were used to the old format, I think you'll find it better as you get used to it.

    Personally, I like it.

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    Kinda cool, still playing with things. What's up with logging in? Think I've logged like 5-6 times so far. Any timeout?

    Also, any text type/display options? Can't find any. Would like to beef up text for these old eyes.
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    I think I like it better - especially since new posts now works! And I like this text box better. Can't seem to put up my avatar though...

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    Smile I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use.

    I was expecting a nmuch more dsificulot to use site, given that it has alot of nice bells and whistles, but it seems easy to use and is fairly easy on the eyes I think it was a good choice.

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    Miss the "New post since your last Visit" or just can't find it. But looks good just need to get used to things.
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    I like it so far. Just have to get used to reading the smaller type. Good job Jeff.
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    I like it much better. The post are in the correct order now.

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    not sure yet, this is the first time I have used one like this. but i think it will be better once I get used to it!

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