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Thread: fun poll

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    Question fun poll

    If you were to choose between sci and aids.whhat would be your choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by j c
    If you were to choose between sci and aids.whhat would be your choice?

    eat shit or drink piss?

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    Thumbs down

    your right! this poll is loads of fun...

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    whhat did you say? uggg. Well considering you have a death sentence with
    Aids , let me think.

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    Angry huh?

    gosh I can't contain my joy.......this is so much fun........

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    Quote Originally Posted by hubofagreatwife
    gosh I can't contain my joy.......this is so much fun........


    I was just thinking the same thing!
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    Unhappy Yah, it is kinda of a grusoem question....both are not to tasteful...

    I think I would take the SCI......but still not a nice choice at all. It seems that with lower level SCI you are still healthy (if you don't get the neuropathic pain and stuff), but you still get the bowel and bladder issues.........

    Aids makes you feel ill after about 10 years, then you get nasty sick and die, but with the treatments now, you live alot longer.

    Both kind of hinder your romance/sexual life, one because you spread a disease, the other the damage to the spine can cause function and sensation problems. Also harder..........

    hmmmmmm.......lets have a really fun survay:
    Would you rather be mauled to death by a wild tiger, or mauled to death by a grizzly bear? lol

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    Can you imagine going with Aids and down the road you get an sci?

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