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Thread: Electrologic is out of business!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by jv:

    Same here Jeff. I actually had to buy two new cables. I had problems getting the cables. It took me about 6 months before I got them. The lady told me that the person that had taken the order really screwed a lot of things up and that she was no longer there. Then about 5 weeks ago they called and wanted to send me more cables! If I had any clue they were going out of business I probably would have taken them. Is the ERGYS similar enough that if anything went wrong with my bike they could work on it?
    Look in the equipment forum jv, and there is information posted on the ERGY and number to call. They will be able to help you answer that question, at least.

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    Thanks SydneyJo.

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    jeff, you paid two hundred for cables. well they wanted 600 from me for a new resolver and a new positioner. i went ballistic because even though the bike was no longer under warranty, they were still redesigning the new seat which took 11 months to manufacture under the warranty time frame. in light of this, i refused to pay and they held out on the parts. then i got the attorney general's office of ohio involved and just like that i received my parts and was told "consider it an early christmas present". also prior to the A.G.O. helping, heather and steve refused to take my calls, and didn't answer my letters. terrible customer service; i was shocked at how they handled the whole affair. anyway, i should know something soon about how new sales and repairs will be handled. i believe this silent partner is a legally bound to repair the bikes.

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    Jeff wrote:
    I recently forked over a couple hundred bucks for one of the cables. A travesty? Exactly. Yes. I know. It's five dollars worth of wires. But we get raped just like everyone else who needs "medical" products. Where is all the money going..... malpractice insurers who must pay off the trial lawyers.

    Do we need tort reform..... yes.
    There may be great reasons to bash (some) trial lawyers and pamphleteer for (some) tort reform, but I don't buy the idea that Electrologic's (and their competitor's) astronomically gouging prices are solely compensation for high malpractice/liability insurance premiums. I'm not an economist or an accountant, but I suspect there are other forces (benign? malignant?) at work here.

    Does anybody here have any evidence -- even anecdotal -- of anybody ever being injured using an FES bike? Has anybody ever heard of anyone receiving a large settlement against any of the FES manufacturers? I haven't.

    Again, fantastic as it may sound, maybe the FES companies are able to justify their prices based on cost of supplies, R&D investment, after-sale service, etc. Who knows? But I doubt if insurance rates were/are the primary culprit.

    Are there any industry insiders who can shed light on the economics of the FES business?

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    Yikes. This isn't good. I don't have the bike but I did purchase the 3000.00 Neuropulse. Hope the new owner takes over and gets it up and running again. I was never impressed with the management, seemed a little disorganized.

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    Stephen - even if FES suppliers had no insurance premiums to pay... $200 for a pathetic little cable will do nothing but engender bad will. I don't know why medical companies charge so much. I wish someone would tell us.

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    Medical suppliers charge these extraordinary prices because they can. Go to a regular old medical supplier and get the price for batteries for your power chair. Then go to the auto parts store and get the price on the same size and type battery. I checked with the medical supplier for batteries for my chair and they were about $300 a piece, or for both, I can't remember which but what difference does it make? The same size and type battery at the auto parts store was $75 a piece. So that's at best twice as high, but if memory serves me correctly, they were four times as high. I just remember them telling me how much they were and thinking to myself I'll check somewhere else

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    I think Electrologic can charge $14K because the market is so small for their product. They, also, probably have a few patents. Without competitors, they charge what they want. ERGYS and Electrologic probably get together and agree on price.

    Once you've sold a product for 10 times the value of its components, you've got a problem. You've got to charge exorbitant prices for replacement parts so that the sum of those parts at least approaches the price of a new bike! That can get a little embarrassing when the parts are mostly common slightly modified materials.

    Hence, $200 wires.

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    Any updates?

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