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Thread: Next Steps Northwest now open in Seattle

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    Next Steps Northwest now open in Seattle

    A new SCI rehab and exercise center has opened in the Seattle area. It's called Next Steps Northwest and is very loosely affiliated with Next Steps Chicago. The location is in the Redmond area, near everyone's favorite large software company.

    They are offering FES biking, exercise and gait training. It was started by a man who sustained a C7/T1 injury a few years ago, along with a trainer he works with. They are good folks.

    Nest steps NW can be reached by phone at 425-869-9506 or by email at .. a web site is under construction and should be up in a couple of weeks. This facility fills a great need in the Pacific Northwest!

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    Many thanks for posting this info. Sally and I are headed to Tempe to check out The Neuro Institute next week. We are going there primarily to try the FES bike. Figures, the Northwest finally comes up with something usable just when we have decided to seek help elswhere! I'm going to call them anyway and see if we can visit to compare the two clinics. Chances are we will not be eligle because Sally is not SCI........sigh.


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    Good luck Seattle! If you need any help, give us a holler!!

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    I have met their trainers and they are excellent.

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    Sandi, Please check with them. I don't think that Sally's condition would necessarily exclude her as she is still neurologically impaired. I wish you and Sally the best!

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    Definetly closer to home for me...thanks for posting, bruce!

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    I am planning to go as soon as possible for sure..
    has anyone visited yet?
    How does a person can go to these type of facilities? Do they have a membership system like Gyms do? and do I need permission from doctors?

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    SeattleDays, I've been to their facility. They do not have memberships .. they charge some type of hourly rate. Also they don't need a doctor's referral. You can just call and set up an appointment. Keep us posted about how it goes!

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    Seattledays, Sally has an appointment to visit Next Steps NW this coming Tues. I just called the number given by Bruce (thanks!), left a brief message,and my call was returned promptly. We are just back from visiting The Neuro Institute in Tempe, Az.(absolutely fabulous!) and am anxious to compare the two clinics. I'll post our impressions Tuesday or Wednesday.


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    Seattle non-profit Rehab

    Can anyone give us an update as to how the Seattle non-profit Next-steps Rehab is doing? I heard through the grapevine it is doing very well.

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