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Thread: Handcycling

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    Originally posted by christopher:

    Please don't be frightened.

    I'm posting a pic so I can look back in six months and see if I've grown any bigger.
    Frightend!..NO NO NO!..Im wondering what it will take to get you to rub your nipples

    Hows that for taking something off topic..

    ~~Somewhere between happiness and sadness,i need calculate,what creates my own madness~~

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    Don't tempt me.

    So I rode down to the Lachine Canal today, I could only make it a few miles in the 40 degree humidity, but we parked ourselves under a bridge and went fishin.

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    that is awesome man! Where do you get a handcycle and how much are they? I would love to get one!

    "life is sublime"

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    I just saw this thread. I probably was subconsciously ignoring it before 'cause I couldn't do it. But, I tried a stationary hand cycle at therapy last Wednesday and I finally have enough strength to do it. I went 10 min.--kicked my butt and I was sweating a river, but it felt soooooo great. I can't wait to do it again next week. Maybe we can race someday


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    mcgringo, a good place to start is I'm in the process of talking with them about a bike myself .. they sell both new and used, plus they are skilled in any adaptations people may need.

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    Lookin' good, Christopher. That is one bear of a dog you got there, bro.

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    Christopher, 30 miles is awesome! Sure makes my 2 miles per day before getting sick sound pretty weenie. I can't wait to get some strength back and get going again but the Texas heat would be limiting me anyway.

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    Carl, I know what you mean about the heat. Last week was rainy all week, but before that it was around 100 with the humidity. Good luck getting back into it.

    Susan, I'll see you on the track

    Matt, my dog has just applied for a job as a member of the Canadian Street Gang

    Babies, before we're done here, y'all be wearin' gold plated diapers!

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    that is so neat seeing you ride here wher i live forget it. but i have a bike i ride here in house that is a power bike i am thinkinh that maybe why my legs have started up working

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