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Thread: Handcycling

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    It's funny, jgni... just as I was typing that last post, I heard a clap of thunder, and the rain starting pounding down. I ran(rolled) outside, and rejoiced, giddy as a little kid. I LOVE Montreal thunderstorms! Too bad they only last 15 minutes.

    Babies, before we're done here, y'all be wearin' gold plated diapers!

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    Originally posted by Clipper:

    Ditto on the Saratoga. I highly recommend it.
    yup excellent unit

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Shaun:

    And heres one for sale not far from you Sue Ive got the Saratoga,i love it......

    Wednesday June 29, 2005
    Saratoga Cycle, Accessible Aerobic arm bike. $1000cad Smiths Falls ON[Quote]

    What is a $1000.00cad in US dollars anyways? Like a 100 or something

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    Hey Jean Guy... I met Andre Viger today riding up the mountain. He was riding a Shark. Looks pretty cool!

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    For those that already have a hand cycle, a bicycle trainer:

    Works well when you can't get outside. Just mount your front wheel on it and ride as usual. I use mine during winter.

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    bump for Amber

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    Maybe I missed it, but Christopher what kind of bike do you have? I'm looking at some, but wanted to know what everyone else is riding first.
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    I have a Top End Excelerator I bought from . It's a good beginner bike for quads. I want to get out more lately, but my dog hurt his paw and it's been 95 every day up here I've still been getting out a bit though.

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    a good first bike

    Is the Top End XLT, thats what I started with. Scott at Bike on sells some good quad grips that will go on that bike.

    I am Up to a Varna Speedbike and a Freedom Rider Stage rider at this point after riding for eight years.

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    As I said earlier, Quickie Shark S for me after riding an Excellerator XLT (good starter). Hey Christopher, just went for a 60 km ride today, a bit tired now ...
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