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Thread: Handcycling

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    I know there's handcycling threads in member pics and sports and rec, but I thought I'd start one in this forum. Who here handcycles? Any good tips or experiences to share? I've had my Top End Excelerator for less than a week and already, as a c6 quad, I've gone from zero excercise to about 10 km a day (6 miles). I love it! So do all of my bike messenger buddies. Today alone I had 3 guys drop by to see if I wanted to go riding. I'm starting on pretty flat surfaces, but my friends are around to give me a little push up the hill.

    Today I took my dog out , attached to the side. It went pretty good for a first time (cuz I think he knows that it's either learn to ride with me or stay home ). He's even learning to pull it a bit, getting me started from a stop. In another week, I'll be able to transfer and get in and out of my apartment independently.

    It feels so good to be riding a bike again!

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    Hey Christopher! We ordered our bikes at about the same time. It's been really rainy here lately, so I haven't ridden that much. But I absolutely love it! The only problems I'm having are the transfers and some rubbing from the C5 grips (on my wrists at the base of the thumb opening). I'm trying to find some sort of small chair that I can use as an intermediate step when going from bike to w/c. No such luck yet.

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    I'm having the exact same problem with the grips, they give me blisters on my wrist. I think they're just going to become callouses eventually. The transfer is tough but the Excelerator is higher up, about even with my chair, so with some practice it'll get better. I'll get a better bike when I'm stronger.

    I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

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    Christopher, post some pics if you can. You guys have got my interest up on hand cycles.
    On the blisters thing, my wife and kids are tournament water skiers and they use that NuSkin stuff alot at the start of the season till their hands toughen up.

    Happy riding Dude!


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    I'm using the C5-6 gloves also and they too are leaving blisters on my wrists. I'm going to take a tip for my brothers who hiked Appalachian Trail with their blisters, and duct tape my wrists so that the gloves cannot rub against my skin. As soon as I finish out my role of film I'll scan my pictures and post them.


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    I made some mods to my cycle today. First, I relocated the gear shift to the crank assembly. I was having trouble getting to it at my side, particularly when my pants block my view of the lever. And since I have no feeling in my fingers, I had to be able to see it. Second, I relocated my water bottle cage. It's now attached to my left wheel fork for easier access. Anybody else have similar modifications?

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    hubby has started to talk about getting one. We have been bicycle riders up until his accident, and ever since they have been hanging by the wheels upside down from the rafters in our garage. What a shame...
    He is trying to check and see if his worker's comp would pay for one?

    Anyways, have fun guys!!!

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    That's cool clipper. My shifter is right beside my left knee. I'm also going to replace the chain ring on the crank with a smaller one. I only have 7 speeds without mountain drive. Getting the initial momentum is tough to start. With parctice that'll get better. My dog can also give me that little push. I installed a clasp to attach my dog's harness, I just have to practice having him beside me.

    I took my five-year old out today. He helped me set up and sat on my lap and helped me pedal around the block a few times. I'll get some pics up soon.

    Krajaxa, by all means, do it! I could have got my insurance to pay, but it's alot of paperwork, takes a long time, and I'd rather have my next bike paid for.

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    I´m using a bike called a Speedy Duo. For a name it sounds about as sexy as a cheap 2-bit act, but the bike is ok. It packs an electric motor powered by two batteries that will give you power assist when your going up a tough hill. Only has 6 gears, but it´s enough for me.

    Click on Duo. Sorry but it´s all in german!

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