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    I recently purchased the AB Lounge. I'm a C5/C6 quad with some lower AB contractions. The AB Lounge looks like a lawn chair with bungie cords that allow it to have resistance when you do sit ups. Basically my caregiver angel puts me in the chair and aids me by pushing up and down behind me.

    You can put your arms above your head and hook them under a bar but this causes too much pain for me. I hold on to side bars and use my arms and ABS to pull myself up. My caregiver then helps to lower me almost into a back bend which relieves a lot of stress on my back.

    Benefits so far have been to make my lower ABS and thigh muscles stronger. Also, I still have a lot of fluid on my stomach due to DVTs and this is pushing the water out. The only other problem is keeping my feet on the lower bars. We eliminated this by putting a pillow over the bars and laying my feet on top. Here is a picture of the AB Lounge and as always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


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    Deb, have you ever tried lymphatic drainage to help get rid of that excess fluid? It´s quite effective.

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    Mike C,

    What is lymphatic drainage?


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    There is a ton of info on the net. My wife is also trained in this technique and it is very effective in draining excess fluid...especially due to injury or as the result of lymphnodes being removed from the body or destroyed from cancer treatment. I´m sure there are therapists in your area you could consult.

    "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer

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    Not that I hold up as expert..the guy at Sears told me that there was a recall on these. I checked and there is a site explaining that the unsafe feature relates to the person folding it up, that it may cut or crush fingers. More than likely a new one would already be altered but check out the recall anyway. I don't have the link right now, but just google search ab lounger recall. Otherwise I am thinking about getting one too. Mary

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    Hi Debbie:

    Thanks for posting your results. I think the most difficult part would be the transfer in and out of the AB lounge. It's my understanding that they are not very heavy and I am wondering when not in use, can you fold it up and put it in the closet? Where did you purchase the AB lounge and how much did it cost?


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    Hey PN,

    Actually, for me, getting in and out isn't a problem. Since it is somewhat off the ground my caregiver just positions my lift over it and lowers me onto the chair. It holds about 300 pounds. It is very light and folds up. The total cost was around $150. Go to Good luck.


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    I've only been using it for 2 weeks and can almost sit up in bed now using my lower ABS. What's wild is even though I lay my feet on top of the bars I also can feel my upper thigh muscles kining in. Well worth the money. Don't order any extras just order the ABLOUNGE.


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    Thanks for the info on the massage techniques.


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