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  • NextSteps - Chicago

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  • Project Walk - San Diego

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  • Sci-Step - Ohio

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  • Sit Tall Stand Tall - Utah

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Thread: Best Rehab Facility in U.S.

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    Best Rehab Facility in U.S.

    For those of you familiar with the post-acute rehab/recovery facilities for SCI, I was wondering which ones the SCI community would select as the best (and why). I apologize if I left any 'prominent' centers off the list, these are the only ones I could think of. I would also like to ask that no employee's of these centers post, just clients please.


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    Shepherd in Atlanta, GA. and Craig in Colorado.

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    I voted for other because I went to The Rehab Institute of St.Louis
    There are great Doctors and Therapists there


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    Acute: I went to Shepherd, and I've seen a handful of others on the east coast. Shepherd has got to be pretty high up on the ladder.

    Post-acute: The Neuro Institute ( in Tempe, AZ *really* impressed me. I visited, but never went through their program due to logistical issues.

    This is all I can say from first-hand experience.

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    IMO, this question needs to be split into two sections if you are a quad.

    My son is at Sit Tall Stand Tall in Utah and is independently walking 25 feet in forearm crutches and braces. At this point it is slow, but just watch.... Time will speak for itself. You can qualify it, rationalize it, whatever you choose, but for us, independently standing and moving one foot in front of another is called walking. He can reach upper cabinets in the kitchen..... In light of some of the research that Dr. Young is currently posting we can see where these results may come from.

    There is soooooo much to be learned when you are first injured - and the details of great self-care can make or break your success long term. My son had an excellent experience at Craig because he chose to participate in every activity the Rec department, the Physical therapy department, ... offered and then asked for more. We saw many who chose not to attend as they evaluated after hour activities as meeting psychological needs, for instance, and missed the benefit of relearning to use their hands (ping pong, pool, fishing, cooking-chopping, etc., biking, 4 wheeling, shooting.....) There are so many choices! Fortunately, my son was not sick when entered, just chronically tired/weak as are most new injuries ~ early to bed, early to rise! .

    He was not satisfied when he left Craig ~ human nature says the hospital/rehab will fix you and as a complete ASIA C6-7, he was not fixed/walking. The education at Craig facilitated his good health and the opportunity to push for further recovery. His education has also provided an opportunity for many additional SCI to receive help when their rehab was incomplete.

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    shepard in hot lanta

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    Acute: Craig without a doubt

    It's kinda funny when people say, "don't get your hopes up"...because it's all about hope ~Michael J. Fox

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    Had to vote in the other catagory. Craig should be on your list.

    T 6/7 Complete
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    Thanks for the responses thus far, but I was really looking for the post-acute centers, the ones for after you've left the hospital rehab program. My daughter is a T5, incl, 8mo post, and is looking at spending the summer in a program to help her meet her goal of getting out of the chair before school starts back up. Shes walking with a walker, but still needs a spotter.


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    I am having excellent results at Sci-Step in Ohio. I had also looked into Project Walk and was very impressed by their program, but I live in Cincinnati and not having to leave home was a big plus. I also like Sci-Step's multi-dimensional approach, in that they also have aquatic therapy, massage therapy and accupuncture available in addition to the exercise programs.


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