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Thread: Garaventa Stair-Trac

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    Question Garaventa Stair-Trac

    Hello dear mates :-)

    Would like to ask you:

    Does anyone of You own a product called Garaventa Stair-Trac? It's a device for climbing stairs that's being attached to the wheelchair and is battery powered. You can see pics of it here:
    If anyone has it, I'd like to ask her/him for some information regaring it's usage.


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    Don't own one (they are very expensive) but have used them on a few cruise ships. They work pretty well for a manual chair...have not tried them with a power chair and not sure if it has the capacity.


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    According to the site, it weighs 119 pounds... not exactly convenient for use in more than one location...
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    I know how heavy it is and that it's convenient because I own one.
    I've some issues with it that I wanted to discuss with someone who also has one like this, becaues I was unable to reach the people from the company that produces it.


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