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Thread: accessible equipment ideas

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    accessible equipment ideas

    I have been injured for 1 yr next week.Before my injury I used to build things.Since my injury C4 C5 vertebrae break I have tried to think of things to help myself out.Every thing I find out there is so expensive that I can't believe the cost.Anyways I have gotten several ideas and the fact that I am not working I was wondering if anyone knows of companies that will buy ideas.

    Thanks for any replies

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    Tom, I am well versed in this area. It is very hard to sell an idea. NO ONE WILL PAY MONEY FOR AN IDEA. You need to package it, with drawings and working models if possible. Even then its a tough game. I am having a welding guy weld up an ideqa of mine... ut its unlikely I will ever see a dime from it. It has to be purchased buy a company that marketd or manufactures this type of product. If you make the item yourself.... then you need a budget to market it??? This can get costly. Thanks, Mikey
    Mike (Florida)

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