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    Exercise Equipment

    I have decided to make a webpage dedicated to exercise equipment, I just write stuff about what I think the best machines are etc. could ya check it out and let me know what you think?

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    Theres no nudity! Wheres the nudity?

    It a nice site man,but it doesnt seem to be disability related.I was thinkin dis related exercise equipment,but i didnt get right into it so maybe i missed something.

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    I checked out the site, and it looks like a nice home gym. However, some people may not really know if they can benefit from this until it is assembled and they try to do the different exercises/stations. If it doesn't work, then this could be expensive to send back, and then you have to take it apart. If possible, I suggest, try before you buy.


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    Where is your site of exercise equipment? There isn't a link here to your site.

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    hey, yeh sorry about the nudity thing, but research has showed that exercise equipment can help with disabilities.

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