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    I am a T7-8 SCI. I have been injured for almost 20 years. I have just recently started sweating from my low back to behind my knees. Sometimes I sweat when I have to have a bowel movement, but that has not been the case lately. I thought it may have been related to my menstrual cycle, but that is over and the sweating is not. I am wondering if I have a bladder infection but do not have other symtoms that I usually have like incontinence. Does anyone else have this problem and do you know what it could be.

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    And this has never happened in the past? Do you have any other symptoms? Fever? Chills? Nausea? Any indication of being ill? Is this a constant problem? Or intermittent? Does time of day, position, or anything else bring it on? I don't know how old you are, but there is also the possiblity of hormonal changes with pre-menopause. (EMK)

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    I don't have any other symptoms and it has just started. I am 51 and starting in to the peri-menopasal stage. It could very well be hormonal. What do I have to look forward to if it is hormonal? It is very annoying and I am having a hard time trying to read my body. Will I be sitting on a sweaty butt now indefinitely?

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    It certainly sounds like this could be hormonal. Hot flashes/sweats can continue for 2-3 years or so around the time of menopause and before. You are certainly in the right age group for this to happen. Oral estrogen can be extremely helpful in this situation. You should see the health care provider who takes care of your gynecological needs. That doctor should be aware of the special considerations of spinal cord injury and hormone replacement therapy. You may not be a candidate for hormone therapy, but there are other treatments to help you be more comfortable. A call to your physician is a good place to start. (EMK)

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    I went to the doctor and I do have a bladder infection. I will see if the symptoms go away after the antibiotics. Thanks for your input.

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    I am 19 years old T-10-12 and I have had some occations where I sweat whenever I have a bowel,at night when I put the covers over me to sleep and whenever iI just lay anything over my legs.I only sweat on my legs (below my injury)my upper body doesn't sweat and I almost never be hot.I just got tested for an UTI but test came back normal.I am stumped because I was told that I wasn't suppose to sweat below my injury one has answers but always says what is suppose to happen but with me none of that is true.If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Rule out a syrinx

    Inappropriate sweating below the level of injury is sometimes a symptom of a developing syrinx. You should discuss this with your SCI physician and see they feel this should be further pursued with an MRI of your cord (the best way to make the diagnosis).


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