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    To Snowman

    Hi. My name is Antoinette Bruno and I have had TM for 3 years. I am a C5-T2 incomplete.

    I have been going to physical therapy up until a few weeks ago. I tried the lightgate walker and ended up on my toes because my achilles tendon is tight and my feet wont go flat on the floor. As a result they canceled my therapy until my tendon will stretch.

    I have a standing frame at home that I use for an hour a day and I am doing stretches for my tendon.
    I also have arm strength and limited leg movemment.

    Is there anything that I can do to get my tendons to loosen up? Please email me at

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    I will reply by email...

    Moderators might want to move this to the exercise forum.

    Eric Harness,CSCS
    Director of Research, Training, and Development
    Project Walk®

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    hi snowman i never got a answer from you. can you please help me anty

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    I put boards in the bottom of my standing frame on an angle. This is the best way I have found to stretch my achilles.

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