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    What is the best kind of exercise to get rid of my belly to get my flat stomach back!! I'm a C5-6 quad. I have already lost a couple of pounds by cutting back on the Corona's... I
    think it must have been those damn limes....

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    The first thing you gotta look at is your diet.. You can do all the situps and ab excersises you want but you'll never get them if you don't eat right.. if you drink soda that's a big thing to cut out.. Just watch the carbs and fat.. Eat foods with lots of protein..

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    the organs push up against the abdominal wall causing some of the belly too. keep that in mind

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    KWM if you find a way let me know. I can't stand the budda belly I have going on. I'm a T-2 and from the nipples up I don't look bad. Just don't look any lower.

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    herco I will.... I have cut back my food intake considerably and I don't drink pop. I should start watching my carb intake.... but I do love my breads and pasta so.

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    I've been wondering the same damn thing. I can't stand this belly. IT MUST GO AWAY!!! I have always kept myself in pretty good shape and I can't stand looking down and seeing this basketball in my lap.

    There have to be some better answers out there for us quads.


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    I have been thinking on this subject lately also, but if I loose the belly all the crumbs will hit my lap.


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    I dont think there is really a way to get it back to flat..The best you can hope for is keeping it a minnimum.Lots of exercise,good diet and lots of water and green tea seem to work for me at keeping the Q belly minnimal,but its still there.

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    Will FES work?

    I'm a quad, c7 c8 complet.

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    standing on a regular basis and wearing a binder.

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