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    Permobil trax

    I have to go on the performence in my son's class for the end of the school year. It is going to be outside in a park. I can't use the car to go there and I can't use the manuel chair because it is very uphill. So how long can I stay outside in pouring rain with my trax? It is no roof or anything there at all to keep dry. I have never used it outside in the rain before so I have no idea about power chairs and rain. It is enough far from my home and since I can't get the trax in my car, I am really scared of getting stucked there

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69.

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    I've gotten stuck in the rain a couple times with my power chair and never had a problem, and I believe the trax chair is made for outdoor use so you shouldn't have any trouble, as long as you yourself don't mind a soaking.


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    I've heard to put a plastic bag over the controls and any exposed electronics...

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    Thank you both of you. Maybe I should use that ugly raincoat

    I am waiting for the summer

    TH 12 incomplete 12-12-69.

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