I am having a serious problem that has been going on for a year with Adaptive Mobility in Seekonk, MA. Last year just before they moved from Swansea, Ma.

I purchased a second hand van from them last year. I paid $12,900 for the vehicle. The vehcicle turned out to have so many troubles including, axiles, cv joint, motor mounts, the floor was rusted through and hidden with new carpet, the kneeler kept deflating, rear suspension or leaf springs have gone, electrical system went whacky, including things like ramp refusing to deploy when it is rainy, the windshild wiopers not working in the rain if you do not turn on the signal lights, windows will not work properly when the windshield wipers are being used. I have not been able to use the vehicle but 8 times, less than 1000 miles, the remaining part of the 1078 miles was used to get to and from repair shops, and then it should not have been driven. I had a friend who knew how to drive defective vehilces drive it to the shops and even he was frightened by its condition. It ended up being dubbed the deathmobile.

What ended up happening is that the lack of transportation as I have to use a van as I am a power chair user and am hoyer dependent for transfers. I live in a semirural area and have very limited paratransit.

As a consiquence I was not able to get to a seating clinic appointment. I missed 6 appointments because I was not able to use to van. Finally the visiting nurse association was able to get their physical therapist to do the seating clinic in my home. I just got my chair about two weeks ago. I am finally able to get up. I also was not able to doctor's appointments without much struggle. My last respritory illness, an xray machne had to be brught to my house. I cannot even get out to go grocery shopping, to get a vjob, to sell Avon, to get my hair cut. If I want a haircut, I have to pay $25.00 for a basic haircut, while if I had an ability to get out, it would cost me $8.00, so my hair has not been trimmed or cut for months. So in a year it has been cut twice. I look like a mess.

I am worried as if I do not get some resolution to this problem VERY soon, I will loose my house and independance. All for the greed of the owners at Adaptive Mobility Equipment in Seekonk, MA.

I am ready to turn the lawyer to toe bar association for even bringing that offer to me. He is disgusting in my opinion. I also have gone to the National Mobility Equipment Dealer's Association (NMEDA), the attourny general in Massachusetts, and posted it on several sites, now here on Care Cure. I have gotten a lawyer and it looks like he is going to work me over. One bright light in this, is that Mary at Mobility Solutions has done alot for me and their tech, Mat, examined the van, and they were so upset over it, the owner Barry was the one that contacted me after the inspection, because they felt I was so badly beaten by this company. Mary has done research, referrd me to people, gone the millionth mile for me and is wonderful. They all are. hey would be willing to give me a deal on a van as I got so badly chewed up and spat out the other end. A word of advice, stay away from Adaptive Mobility Equipment, and use Mobility Solutions instead. Just wanted to prevent any of you from having to go through the same hell as I did. Thanks and hope this helps someone.