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Thread: Bicep movement exercise

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    Bicep movement exercise

    My partner who is a C4 "complete" has started to regain some bicep movement 8 months post injury. He is only able to "flex" his biceps and not actually move his arms, but he is keen to try to exercise this to regain some movement if possible.
    Does anyone have any suggestions of exercises we could do, or is there any equipment available that could help? Many thanks!!

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    AussieShan , I assume he was hospitalised/rehabbed at Austin SIU ? Have you been in contact with the PTs there ? I'm not sure what the setup is in Victoria , but here in Qld we have an ''outreach team '' of very experienced PTs , OTs , nurses etc who can help with things like this . Maybe he could go to Austin for outpatient rehab , and use their equipment and suggestions ? I would think FES would be a good starting point to build his biceps and Austin would have this plus PTs experienced in its use .

    Thank you ,

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    I am a C4-C5 and I use mobile arm supports to exercise. Here's a link for the company that makes them.
    The mobile arm supports that I use are called:
    Mobile Arm Support
    w/ Elevation Assist and Reclining Mount
    for tilt or tilt and recline seating systems. Using these gives me almost full mobility of my arms. It has taken practice, but that's to be expected. I highly recommend them. Good luck

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