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Thread: Do you want to participate in a survey, Exercise & SCI

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    Do you want to participate in a survey, Exercise & SCI

    Your participation is needed for a national mail survey on SCI,
    Physical Activity, Exercise and Secondary Conditions!

    On behalf of the NSCIA and our research partner, the National
    Rehabilitation Hospital-Center for Health and Disability
    Research (NRH-CHDR), I would like to invite individuals
    with spinal cord injuries (SCI) to take part in a national
    survey on Physical Activity, Exercise, and Secondary Conditions
    in People with SCI. The survey is part of a Rehabilitation
    Research and Training Center (RRTC) on SCI: Promoting Health
    and Preventing Complications through Exercise. This RRTC is
    funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation
    Research (NIDRR) which is a part of the US Department of Education.
    As a collaborator, the NSCIA has been involved in the various
    research and training activities of this RRTC. We are involved
    so we can help people with SCI to maximize the quality of their
    lives. We believe that projects like this will help make life
    better, easier, and more fun for people with SCI.

    Although the literature indicates that there are more than
    200,000 people living with SCI in the United States, less
    than half report that they exercise or engage in physical
    activity. It is unclear if a lack of physical activity or
    exercise is associated with increased risks of other
    health-related problems, such as heart disease, urinary tract
    infections, and bone loss. The purpose of this survey is to
    therefore study the relationship between physical activity
    and exercise and the health of people with SCI.

    If you or someone you know has a spinal cord injury and
    is interested in taking part in this survey, please contact
    our collaborators at the NRH-CHDR. Please contact:

    Matt Kehn
    Phone: (202) 877-1603

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    chasb, thanks for this info. I have just sent an email to Matt indicating my willingness to participate in the survey.

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    I will email for the survey. I like taking surveys. Surveys are neat.


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    is this only for people from the USA or can i, being from INDIA participate in such surveys?

    if yes,please inform me so that i can apply too.. back here in india we do not really have FES and Swimming pools for the disabled... but i have been doin PT exc.... im a T12 complete since 28 sept 2002


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    chasb thanks for posting the above. i actually work with the research group on the above survey/study. unfortunately we are only permitted to recruit participants living in the US. if you have an SCI and wouldn't mind filling out a survey for us, please contact me. we need as much support from the community as possible. the findings will be used to better understand how physcial exercise effect the health of people with an SCI. this study relies heavily on participation and input from people who actually have an SCI. if more info is needed, let me know! thanks - matt

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    I had a very nice conversation with Matt, "ReschrMatt", who is also a new member. Welcome to CC Matt. I encourage all individuals who are interested in taking the survey (whether you are located in the U.S., or not) to e-mail Matt. You information is valuable. I feel the survey team will come to include your input also. As Exercise & SCI is a worldwide problem, not just national.

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    i made contact to participate...anything to help

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