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Thread: My Own Mini Clinical Trial - Supported Ambulation Training

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    My Own Mini Clinical Trial - Supported Ambulation Training

    As some of you know my fiance built me a steel A frame to use as a hoist. I've haphazardly been doing my own ambulation training utilizing a hoist, harness, and elliptical trainer. I've decided to get real serious and use the Lokomat protocol to see what results I can achieve. I'm working up to 30-60 minutes 7 days a week to see what, if any, functional improvement I can attain.

    I'll periodically post any results if anyone is interested.


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    Debbie, that's awesome. You've got a good guy there in Wayne. Please keep us posted.

    BTW, did you know that a group of CareCure members are meeting in Houston tomorrow at 4 p.m.? I'm in Houston now and learning that a lot of people didn't get any of the information about it. Please PT me or check the SW states regional forum for more information. It would be great to meet you and Wayne.

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    Good luck, Debbie. Keep us informed.

    ...and he'll pretend that, he's somewhere else, so far and clear, about 2,000 miles, from here

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    Thanks for the info Martha - I'll check the SW region posts.


    PS Thanks Steven - I'll keep you posted.

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    Good luck Debbie - great idea - hope you recover heaps

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    Looking forward to your reports Deb!

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    That sounds fantastic Debbie, you sound very motivated.


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    In this community you are our test pilot!


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    Well at the end of the first week I'm only up to 10 minutes. What I've noticed so far is increased bowel movements with no suppository required and I continue to lose more fluid from the hard to reach places (upper thighs and stomach). Trying to increase duration.


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    Thanks JimmyMack but I think it's more desperation than motivation. I've got to get out of this damn chair.


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