Excellent concept! I actually use the fitness center twice weekly. I also use Courage Centers Stay Fit program to swim and ride an FES bike. It's phenomenal.


Gyms Adjust to People With Disabilities

Thu Jul 1, 2:48 PM

By KARREN MILLS, Associated Press Writer

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Nothing keeps Amy Sharp from going to the gym: not the wheelchair she needs to get around, not even cerebral palsy.

Twice a week, the 27-year-old Sharp is driven to Courage Center, where she spends an hour exercising her arms and legs and tossing a ball against a trampoline to practice balance and coordination.

"They always say, `If you don't use it, you lose it,'" she said.

Exercise is especially important to people with disabilities who are more likely to develop debilitating health problems that stem from their lack of mobility. But many gyms do not have right equipment for the disabled.

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