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Thread: anyone that uses Easystand Glider 6000

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    anyone that uses Easystand Glider 6000

    We have finally got an easystand glider 6000 for our son, Brian, T5,, 20 yrs.old.We still have to put it all together first, but before starting to use consistently, should he get a check up with Dr. or a bone density test, or just start using it slowly??? What did others do and experience?
    thanks for your input,
    chris B.

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    I started using one after 11 years post and having only stood in a standing frame about 10x over those years. I didn't consult with a doctor first, I had had a bone density test a year prior and it was good so I wasn't worried about that. If I were him I'd just start using it. Just have him check the bottom of his feet after using it, one pair of shoes I have was causing a fairly deep and red line on the bottom of my heels after standing a lil while. A different pair of shoes solved that prob.

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    I use the Glider at least 3 times a week at SCI-Step. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and am still working up my ability to reach the 30 minute time goal. I love it. It is an intense cardo and arm work out. It makes the time sanding go by fast. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

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    Hi Chris,

    Same here. I'm 15yrs post and have always had a standing frame. Some years I'd stand frequently and others I didn't stand at all. I got the Easystand Glider last year and I love it. I've never had a bone density test.

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    Chris B. my husband is 15 years post and just got one about a month ago. He had never stood at all in those 15 years and has never had a bone density test. I was kind of surprised his doctor didn't want one to write the Rx. But, the only break he has had in 15 years is a broken toe, and the situation that happened under would have broken anyone's toe, so that was not due to weakened bones. One thing we didn't even think of that we had to accomodate for is that heat rises! Ray is 6'3" and then standing in the Glider probably makes him 6'6"...well, in 15 years he has not been UP that's a lot hotter up there than where he's usually at. So, when he's in the Glider(even just standing, not exercising) we have to crank the AC and put a fan on him or he gets too hot. You might want to have the room cool when your son starts if he's really tall like Ray. I hope he really enjoys it! I'm so glad he has one! I wish Ray had had one early on. Can you believe we did not even know such a thing existed until I came to this site?

    Take care,


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    I'm just one year post, a T4 and picked up an EasyStand 5000 earlier this year. My physiatrist counseled starting out s-l-o-w-l-y to avoid any mishaps caused by gravity and blood pooling. (I had a DVT in my thigh within 6 mos of injury) I can't see where moderation could hurt so suggest Brian give it 5 mins, rest 5 and repeat. I did that for 5 days and then went to 30 mins/day. Recently bumped it up to 1 hr/day. I always bring reading material!!

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    Si used a standing frame about once a week during therapy. It made him really dizzy at first so be sure you stay right by your son when he's in it, at least at first.

    Si got a standing wheelchair about 8 months after his injury and is up and down all the time now. He loves the thing.

    We haven't seen the easystand glider but it sounds great. I wish your son the best in it. Standing should really improve his general health.

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    Chris, I don't think that bone density should be a problem for Brian in the Easystand 6000. The research I've seen says that SCI people will shed calcium from their bones for about the first two years, then stabilize. Myself, I have osteoporosis, but I'm 48. I can walk and don't have any troubles. I am as active as I can be, and am currently doing intense treadmill training with no problems. The Easystand will be easier on his body than what I do.

    He may experience dizziness from low blood pressure due to blood pooling in his legs. This will improve as he does it more. Even though I stand frequently, I occasionally have low blood pressure and have to sit. If I am walking or moving my legs, that helps move the blood back up, so exercising on the Easystand should help reduce low blood pressure issues.

    Starting slow and easy is always a good idea. I wish you both the best!

    - Bruce

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    My therapist got one on loan at rehab for me to try out. I really like the concept of doing more than just standing. Unfortunately I am looking for a frame I can use unaided. The knee braces do not swing up out of the way on the 6000 so it takes another person to help wiggle my legs thru getting on and off. Other than that it was easy to use. Have him start reeall slow on the movements. If he has much spasticity or spasm potential, the leg movement IS gonna set them off. But he will work thru that easy enough.
    I hear they are coming out with a new model in the october timeframe that will allow one person use.


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    chrisB, To be safe a doctor's consultation would be a good idea. Can't hurt, might help avoid potential problems.

    Otherwise all comments below are pretty common and accurate for most Easy Stand users. However, every injury and individual is unique. I believe that its prudent to err on the side of caution in the beginning.

    Good luck, its a great piece of equipment.

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