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Thread: How can I build up muscles

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    How can I build up muscles

    For the last year I have let my muscles go to waste. I'm a T8 para with scoliosis and have no balance. I had the rods removed in Feb.I also want to wean off of Baclofen.I think that it makes your muscles get flabby.
    Now, I'm talking about leg muscles. You know how paras get skinny legs. I wonder if there is a way to build them up after I have lost them. I have a active/passive ex-n-flex leg exerciser that I look at. Can they be built back up?

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    As far as your legs, a FES bike is about the way I know. You should check into getting one through your insurance as long as you feel you can stay in a committed program and use it for an hour every other day. It takes up a lot of time and is not easy at first, but like anything you get back what you put into it, your body will thank you for it.

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    FES bikes are the way to go. My legs are the same or bigger than before my accident 14mo ago(T-4 complete). I received a lot of help from the president of the company that makes ERGYS FES bikes (The one Christopher Reeve uses). He was very helpful. Also, Sharon Cook is their person to talk to for insurance help. I pasted some of their info below.

    Therapeutic Alliances Inc.
    333 North Broad Street
    Fairborn, OH 45324 USA

    telephone: (937) 879-0734
    fax: (937) 879-5211


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