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    Does anybody else here hate afos? I'm using afos on both legs and they hurt like hell. I can walk a couple hundred feet with them but after a while I have to sit down and take them off. Does anybody know if they have a more comfortable type of afo? What do those people who can walk and use afos do. Does anybody else have this problem besides me?

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    Same here. Keeps me in my chair more than I'd like.

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    I put mine in the garbage long time ago. The doctors are angry but I hated it.

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    Cool, were yours custom made or "off the shelf"? A lot of places just issue off the shelf type to save $. They rarely fit right and can cause skin breakdown. They should be custom made from a cast temporarily applied to your leg, and then adjusted for you (both initially and periodically) by a CPO (certified prosthetis-orthetist).


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    yea i had mine custom fit by a CPO. They fit alright but it's the material. That hard plastic. I would like something more comfortable.

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    Mine collect dust and the only reason I still have them is in case my therapist asks if I have mine. I can walk farther in a walker without them on.

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