Don, thanks for your measured response.

The section you posted/quoted, only suggests that the potential may be there, using FES, but not currently, given "normal FES machines usually cannot deliver more thant 50-100 millijoules of electrical energy", much less than what Dr. Kern used and that any effects were with "enormous" amounts of energy, which have shown to be dangerous and possibly even harmful, from what was stated.
Chick, I know. I posted that in response to Don's statement re FES could not reverse atrophy when in fact it can. Granted, Dr. Kern's work isn't practical or applicable because of the extreme and dangerous levels of current used and the high risk of muscle and tissue damage but nevertheless, he was able to elicit a response from muscles that were previously thought to be unresponsive to FES. Severely atrophied muscles can be restored, the challenge was to find the appropriate level of stimulation which just wasn't achieveable given the limitations of commercially available FES machines. The results of his research challenged the current dogma so for that reason alone, it's important. Whether it leads to advances in the field depends, I suppose, on how relevant it's considered.

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