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Thread: detachable hand crank bike

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    detachable hand crank bike

    I am looking for a hand cranked bike that attaches to my everyday chair. I know that Quickie makes one here in the US, but there is quite a large selection from europe. Does anyone have any experience with detachable hand cranked bikes that are not Quickie?

    Also, if anyone does have one that they want to sell, let me know. Thanks. Diane

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    Companies that do clip-on bikes in the UK include Chevron, Cyclone, Lomax and Da Vinci. Praschberger, based in Austria, also do one. There are probably others but these are ones that spring to mind easily. Type these into any search engiene and you should find their web sites easily enough.
    Clip-on bikes are great 'cos they are convenient and allow you to cycle somewhere and still have your wheelchair with you but if you are going to cycle anywhere on with hills, particularly if the ground is even slightly wet, you will need to have an extra axle on your chair so that you can move the wheels furhter back. Without that there is not enough weight on the front wheel (the drive wheel) so you end up with a lot of wheel spin. For pure cycling performance a tailor made bike will always outperform a clip on. Having said that I know a double amputee who cycled round Iceland on a clip-on and I have cycled on some very hilly terrain in Scotland with somebody using a clip-on.
    You won't win any races but they certainly have a convenience factor when you want to unclip the bike and go into the pub and they avoid the problem of transfering on and off your chair onto a bike.

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