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Thread: stationary hand cycles

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    stationary hand cycles

    What are the best stationary hand cycles, from moderate-priced to high end?

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    I recently purchased the Saratoga hand cycle with the option of spinning legs simultaneously. I would say this is a moderate price machine. The machine Works great. There are lots of options. The styling of it made it easy to hide in a corner. The only problems with getting the attached Leg movers are larger size and ease of use. It takes more effort to get in and out of. I wish the cycle carried Some momentum as well. More like a real bicycle. The Saratoga feels kind of dead. I hope this helps you some. Maybe give you some ideas what to look for.

    Brian C/5

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    I purchased an Endorphin tabletop hand cycle which I'm pretty happy with. It has a flywheel so there is some momentum to help me keep my arms going. The one I bought is the EN300BD which is bidirectional. I believe I paid about $800. I found that I got the best price by ordering direct from the manufacturer. Here's the link for more information - Endorphin Hand Cycle

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