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Thread: Walker Institute

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    We overlapped a month, Cindyg.

    Did you ever get lunch from Feast from the East, across the street? That was one of my regular places.


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    Hi Alan. Can't say as I remember there even being another side of the street, so I probably never did venture over there. I was really living in another world then. Sorry!

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    Good Times

    Hi felieh I was at walker in 91 took part in that GM-1 study.. Had some great times Dr Walker was more like a Mad Scientist LOL...

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    My ex was an instructor there. She raved about it but it folded pretty shortly thereafter.

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    I was at Walker in '84/'85.
    The negatives: The miracle laser, The cost, The owner.
    The positives: The therapists(I still get ROM weekly from one of the "therapists" I met there), A focused environment, Feat From the East(I still make my own chicken salad with my copy of their dressing, yum!), Matrix One(Spandex in the 80's) a visual treat.

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    Walker Institute

    I was there in '88. I was the best thing that ever happened to me! I was seventeen and thrown in with a bunch of older quads and paras that pushed me hard. I knew Steve Ferguson who went there and has been on Howard Stern a few times. Having grown up in rural Texas it opened my eyes to how far a quad could go. I always ate at Mort's deli because Stuart the owner's son used to pal around with Jerry a para in admin. I got really bad vibes from Judith Walker also, but the staff was great. I can remember the PTs Sylvia, Parul, and Kip. When I left I got a physical therapist, Mary Elmore, to move to Texas and continue the routine a my house. I don't know if it was my age or injury, but when I left after six months I was ten times stronger and had gained a lot of function. The laser was BS!
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    what a loser she was and her clinic
    Type in Judith walker in any search engine: a FRAUD!!!!
    here'e one
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    Quote Originally Posted by KOBINGA View Post
    Hi felieh I was at walker in 91 took part in that GM-1 study.. Had some great times Dr Walker was more like a Mad Scientist LOL...

    i was ther en 92 im from mexico when i was ther i use 2 can y a tray to learn to walk whit one can.
    yo estuve en el año 92 cminaba con 2 bastones y mi objetivo era caminar con 1 y lo logre habia mucha gente que nos ayudaba, y quisiera encontrar alguin de ahi para estar en contacto, yo vivia en santa monica, y si yo pagaba mucho mensual por que no tenia seguro. estuve 5 meses. si alguin se acuerda de mi, pongase en contacto conmigo para saludarnos EMILIO BUENO

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    Just saw this post after typing in Walker Institute in a search engine. I was there for 6 months in 1990. I gained a lot of strength and will from being there. I went about 6 months after my wreck rendering me a quad.

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    I was the Director of the Walker Institute from the fall of 1989 until may of 1992. I'm hearing all kinds of rumors about what happened and why they closed. I came across this proceeding which pretty much lays it out. I could give you chapter and verse , but this is probably sufficient. I was on a business trip to North Carolina in May and when I got back I was locked out of my office and told the Clinic had been sold and my services no longer required. That of course was a lie. They just didn't want to pay me what they owed me which was a substantial amount. Truth of the matter is that all three of the persons mentioned in this suit were steeling money. Dr Walker Her Husband AND the accountant bookkeeper. They were all embezzeling money and this suit by Walker against her husband is the pot calling the kettle black.

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