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Thread: what's an ibot?

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    what's an ibot?

    On the subject of scoliosis Dr. young said an ibot is coming out next year. what is it & what's it got to do with scoliosis?

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    IBOT is a wheelchair developed by Dean Kamen, the same guy who invented the SEGWAY

    The wheelchair, licensed to Johnson & Johnson I believe, will be available in 2003 at the low, low, low price of $25,000.00. That's right 25k for a wheelchair.

    But not just any wheelchair. The ibot, in response to your scoliosis question, allows the user, among other things, to stand up therefore helping hypothetically with scoliosis. Additionally, the ibot can climb stairs, go over sand, dirt, uneven terrain, backwards, forwards, etc. Pretty amazing.

    Do a "search" using "ibot" and you'll find plenty of info. Even a testimonial from one of the member's sons who took one recently for a test "drive".

    In fact check out NBC Dateline next Friday night (July 26th) where I think it will be featured.
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    I was just suggesting that you use a powered wheelchair to save your shoulder from further wear and tear from pushing your manual chair. An ibot is a powered four-wheel device that can stand up on two wheels, using a gyroscope to detect movements and operate a computer that moves the wheels to maintain its position. It is able to climb stairs and go on virtually any terrain. If you want to find out more about it, watch NBC Dateline this coming Friday. They will feature a story about the ibot and progress with getting it through the FDA. I understand that it will come onto the market in early 2003.


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    IBOT helping prevent scoliosis?

    I'm very familiar with the IBOT's operation Dr. Young, but the IBOT's version of standing is for the chair's front caster tire to "roll up" over the rear tire. This, in essense, creates the stand feature. However, the chair passenger is still in a seated position--only his or her height has been elevated. I have an Italian power standing chair that's version of a stand is much like that of a standing frame. While I didn't get this chair with scoliosis prevention/lessening in mind (more for digestion benefits and bone density enhancement), if it aids against the onset of scoliosis, I'm down with that.


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