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Thread: flattening stomach?

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    flattening stomach?

    whats the best way to flatten your stomach? i dont have any lower ab control so my belly sticks out like i have a huge beer belly. i just want my stomach to flatten. whats the best method/workout to achieve this if any? thanks......

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    if it's paralyzed there's nothing you can do. however, if you're overweight you're most likely carrying excess belly fat. losing weight will reduce the belly.

    the belly is the most common place for fat deposition.

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    I have the same problem, seems like the more i try and rid of the belly it keeps growing LOL<
    and i even cut back on drinking BEER

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    Ah yes, the Buddha.

    Buddha, noun:
    1. The belly of a quadriplegic and sometimes paraplegic.
    2. A sexy bulge between the thorax and the pelvis.


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    You can try an EMS machine (electrical muscle stimulator). After I got out of the hospital I went to a sporting goods store and I would either try the equipment in the store that I thought I could use, or bring it home and try it. I use an EMS machine in the morning, along with an ab roller which I purchased at Big Five for around $50. To my surprise, I am able to use the ab roller when at first I didn't think it would be possible.

    ab roller


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    I found the AVI but I don't think it is working now.


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    I know this sounds silly but Ive been paralyzed for ten years and am just now having to wory about the Buddha belly....if you suck it in by taking a deep breath and hold it, it actually works your muscles and for some crazy reason helps. I would also recommend the easy Glide standing machine that is discussed a lot in here....I have one and you really burn the calories using that! Hope something here is helpful!

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    Well Josh,I too have a beer belly looking thing,I have upper abs and I am now gaining the lower ones,If you have a standing frame without the back support this will help greatly as you are trying to balance the upper body you will build both the back muscles and your lower abs.Hope this helps,if your doing therapy you can also bring this matter to your therapist attention,hopes this help.......

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