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Thread: FES Cycle Garments

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    FES Cycle Garments

    I'd like to fes cycle 2x to 3x per week. putting on electrodes is a hassle. can you suggest ways to make fes exercise easier. are there garments/pants to wear


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    Hi DW, the Bioflex suit may be an option although it is expensive.


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    Hi DW,
    Sorry for the late reply, I don't post here very often. I've used an Ergys for aprrox 10 years now. When I first started out I used stimwear but switched to electrodes after a few years. There wasn't much difference in prep time and if anything, the electrodes were easier to set up than the stimwear garmant. Getting the conductive gel into the electrodes can take time and be messy at times. Then the garment has to be hand washed after use. You may have better luck; the aide helping me then always seemed to have difficulty putting the gel in the electrode. Good luck.

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    Like dan says, you are best off sticking to electrodes, pardon the pun.

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