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Thread: Standing Frames?

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    Standing Frames?

    I am wanting to purchase a standing frame. My insurance will help me pay for it. My question is what frames are better than others? Should I get one that has wheels? One that rows? (I need the exersize) Overall what do you think?

    Thanks for all the advice!

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    Do a search on standing frames. All kinds of good info here.

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    I have one of those easy stand walking standing frames and I LOVE it. 20 minutes in that badboy and its a cardio nightmare. Im in excellent shape and im still huffin and puffin after Im done. Great upperbody work out as well. Spendy though, but if you can get a doc to give ya a script for it insurance will cover it.

    I had a pressure sore bout 6 months ago, and did a lil bedrest time. I brought it up to the doc that if I could exercise those muscles and get good blood flow to them the cost of the stander/walker thingamabob is far cheaper than acute care. Also if you sell the fact that the long term effects are way more cost effective than the initial purchase price of the machine vs care for whatever.

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