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Thread: FES Research Participants Needed

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    FES Research Participants Needed

    [A note from Dr. Forrest, Dir. of Rehabilitation at Albany Medical Center]

    Physicians and biomedical engineers affiliated with case western reserve medical center in cleveland have been working for more than twenty years to develop systems of functional electric stimulation for patients with spinal cord injury. They have worked with systems to assist respiration in ventilator dependent quadriplegic patients,systems to improve hand function and systems for transfers and standing.

    The New York State Dept.Of Health is funding the start up of a center for functional electric stimulation at the Albany Medical Center. The project funds procedures to implant a system of functional electric stimulation in paraplegic patients.The system is intended mainly for exercise,standing and transfers but can be used for short distance ambulation. Any intersted patients may contact me a 518 262 5633. There is no charge for evaluation and if done the cost of the procedure is covered by the doh. Thank you

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    Thanks DW!

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    Might want to check about problems they had with past implant proceedures. If I rember right Case implanted wires that became infected but couldn't be remove. Patients signed waivers but still tried to sue.

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    Is the Trial available for Canadian Candidates as well or is it logistically limited to Albany NY?

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    I'd call Dr. Forrest to ask.

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