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Thread: Standing Power WheelChair

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    Standing Power WheelChair

    Heard that new nvention about power chairs,that can stand by pushing the button.Does anyone know more info about it-links to website. I heard it is very expensive. Is the cost worth the benefits ?

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    I was able to get my insurance to approve a Permobil stander in July of this year. I have been fighting a pressure sore for a couple of months, so I just started using it to in the last couple of weeks a few times. I love it! I have been standing for a couple of hours two or three times a week, and plan on doing it daily once the pressure soar is fully healed. Right now it is the only way I can get up without putting pressure on the wound. It is expensive, the sticker price was $31,000. It will also move while in standing position. The biggest drawback is that the seat to floor height is roughly 21 in. and it is hard to fit under some tables. I believe the health benefits far outweigh the inconveniences for myself. I am planning on getting up tomorrow and will try to get some video. Here is a picture:

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    Thanks for the info Carl.What about locking in the van with E-Zlock. Does anybody know,whether for getting weight bearing benefits,do u have to stand for a longtime (atleast 30 minutes) , or you can stand/sit on and off for 5/10 minutes but more frequently during the day. Do u notice that leg spasms are less after u started using it Carl?

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    You can also check out the LEVO USA (1-800 LEVO USA)and the Redman power chair. Both are standing power wheelchairs.

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